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Dedicated to the memory of Dylan Collins

One of the unique things about the Voice Hollywood community is our tendency to make a lot of (usually) unscripted shows. These started with Dylan Collins's Sing It!, which spawned Act It!, Perform It! and then a large number of similar shows. This site is an archive of some of the many VH productions.

Please note that the archive is not currently being updated.


Probably the most common form of show on Voice Hollywood is the competition. In most of these shows, the competitors are given one challenge after another, with the weakest performers in each round being tossed off. Sing It! is the oldest of these, predating Voice Hollywood.

Singing Competitions

Best of the Rest1 2A coached singing competitionHosted by Rachellular.
Can You Duet?1A duets-only singing competitionHosted by ToddFrogs and Zain.
Cover It!1 2A singing competition using unusual songs Hosted by OMGAwkwardTURTLE and Dylan Collins.
The Happiest Competition on Earth1 2A Disney music-focused singing competition Hosted by Jefferz, Zelina, and AmbyLeigh.
Last Voice Singing1A group singing competitionHosted by Mellie and MeFredBob.
Lone Star1 2A Country music-focused singing competition Hosted by Rachellular and Valkyrie Celes.
Love Me1A singing competition for love songsHosted by Gildragon, ValkyrieCeles and BelovedStar
On The Record1A show focusing on songs from soundtracks: Broadway, movies, television, internet, and more!Hosted by Zelina, Reid2Me and Mellie.
Once You Go Black1A singing competition for Black musicHosted by OmiiPride09, HeavenIncarnate and Dizzy.
One Voice to Rule Them All1A multi-genre singing competitionHosted by BelovedStar, Rachellular and FadedPhantom
Perform It!1 2A broadway musical singing competition Hosted by Dylan Collins and FadedPhantom Princess Clairey.
PopLuck1A contestant-driven multi-theme singing competitionHosted by Dylan Collins and Nani.
PopStar1A Pop music-focused singing competitionHosted by Rachellular, ValkyrieCeles and Jefferz.
The Quick and the Dead1A Board-game-style singing competitionHosted by Dylan Collins and Skywish.
Race for Mount Olympus1A singing competition based on Greek mythologyHosted by Princess Garnet, Lashe and BelovedStar.
The Radio1A weekly competitive radio programHosted by Dylan Collins, OMGAwkwardTURTLE, Scheris and Zain
Rhythmatic Revolution1A Rap competitionHosted by Copper and BlackjackAV.
Rock Star1 2A Rock music-focused singing competition Hosted by Rachellular and Valkyrie Celes.
Se7en1A singing competition based on the seven deadly sinsHosted by PrincessGarnet, with BelovedStar
The S3xi3st Voice1A competition to find the sexiest voice at VHHosted by Mellie and Princess Garnet.
Silly Singers Singing Silly Songs1A silly song competitionHosted by Autumn and Rachellular
Sing It!7 8 9 10 The original online singing competitionHosted by Dylan Collins.
The Voice1A coach-driven singing competitionHosted by Dylan Collins, OMGAwkwardTURTLE and BelovedStar.
Who Sang It Better?1Competition to sing the same songHosted by OMGAwkwardTURTLE.
Who's Screwing You?1A singing competition where contestants pick one another's songs Hosted by Skywish, BlackjackAV and ValkyrieCeles.
The X-Factor1A singing competition where the audience decidesHosted by Princess Clairey, Dylan Collins and Autumn.
You're the One That I Want!1 2A duet competitionHosted by Princess Garnet and Dylan Collins Eile-Monty.
Wonderful World of Disney1A Disney singing and acting competitionHosted by AudreyGoLightly13 and TheaterBound31.

Acting Competitions

Act It!1 2 3 4 The original online voice-acting competitionHosted by Dylan Collins and Tregatry.
Acting Through the Ages1A theater-focused acting competitionHosted by Rachellular and AmbyLeigh.
Acting Up1A learning show for voice actorsHosted by Russ and Merodi.
Brush Up Your Shakespeare1A Shakespearean Acting CompetitionHosted by Audrey and Cassie.
City of Dreams1Movie-scene actingHosted by Dylan and Malt.
Udderly Absurd1A goofy voice-acting showHosted by BlackjackAV and Reid2Me.

Miscellaneous Competitions

Can You Mix?1A mixing competition Hosted by Zain and Dylan Collins.
Entertain Us!2An anything-goes entertainment competitionHosted by BlackjackAV, Spades and Cassie.
Let it Be Written1A competition for writing audio scriptsHosted by BlackjackAV and Rachellular
The Next Best Thing1A competition for competition showsHosted by Dylan Collins, Rachellular and Reid2Me
Sasuya's New BFF1A competition to become Sasuya's new BFF!Hosted by Sasuya.
Simply the Best1Compare songs from old competitionsHosted by Amby Leigh.
Teller of the Tales1 2 3A storytelling competitionHosted by Alivieina and Zain.
Whose Voice?1A voice competitionHosted by Snowfender and Dylan Collins.

Other Shows Hosted at Voice Hollywood