Whose Voice?

Whose Voice? is a voice acting competition with an emphasis on the voice, more so than acting. It is judged by Snowfender and Dylan Collins.

The audition is to perform a scene of the contestant's choice with 2-3 characters, playing all the roles.

Round 1: scenes
The judges sent a script for a scene for all the competitors to perform.
BMcCauleyDaniel CDruoxGirInukai
KoivoLightningBoltRachellularReid2MeShadow Lovely
SongbyrdThe ArtichokeTiana Sidhezain

Round 2: demos
Contestants were to create a demo using 9-13 lines from 18 provided by the judges.
LightningBoltReid2MeShadow LovelySongbyrd
The ArtichokeTiana Sidhezain

Round 3: interviews
Contestants interviewed themselves playing four different characters.
SongbyrdThe Artichoke