Who Sang It Better?

Who Sang It Better? is a singing contest with a difference, hosted by OMGAwkwardTURTLE at Voice Hollywood. Each week, there are new contestants and new judges. Contestants are to sing a short section of a song using a backing track supplied to them by the hostess, and each judge will offer their critiques independantly.

Round 1: Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah

Featuring Chibi Serenity • Dylan Collins • Dizzy • OmiiPride09 • Rachellular • Tregatry

Judged by Autumn, Russ, and Traviata.

Round 2: Queen's Somebody to Love

Featuring Dylan Collins • Gildragon • Princess Clairey • Sikono • Tiana Sidhe • Valkyrie Celes

Judged by Rachellular, Dizzy and Cettoto.

Round 3: The Bed Intruder Song

Featuring Dizzy • Gildragon • Monisstar • Rachellular • Sikono • ToddFrogs

Judged by Dylan Collins, Timothy Parker and Princess Clairey.

Round 4: Journey

Featuring Dizzy • Dylan Collins • OmiiPride09 • Madi • Valkyrie Celes • Zain

Judged by Princess Clairey, BelovedStar and Rachellular.

Round 5: Friday

Featuring AmbyLeigh • Copper • Dylan Collins • Heaven Incarnate • Jenecys • Sikono • Skywish

Judged by OmiiPride09, Princess Garnet and SilverSoulBird.

Round 6: Bad Romance

Featuring Jinxerz • OmiiPride09 • SharpCookies • Sikono

Judged by Jenecys, Princess Clairey and Autumn.

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