Act It! Season 2

In February of 2009, Dylan Collins and Kristy Plotkin (aka Tregatry) launched a new online voice acting competition. That competition is now in its second season, and has found a new primary home at Virtual Hollywood.

Eighty-seven voice actors submitted auditions; from these, only sixty-two were chosen. This was an enormous jump over last season.

Round 1: Demo Reels
The contestants were given a script containing twenty-four lines and instructed to select ten to make a demo reel. This round featured:
DuckyPattersonEile-MontyEllie (Hatomikazuki)EndGameFlamingwindjutsuGassyMexican
MongtsatsaMotly FoolNataliaRoseRachidearRelickRessficent
ScottOkaSharpCookiesShudoRanmaruSnowfendersonicmegaSunshine McDuff
tenken2007TheNationMakerThePawtUndermy7trainValkyrieCelesWill Knavison

Round 2: Original Scenes
The surviving thirty-six VAs faced the next challenge: scenes written by one of the judges. Those VAs were:
MongtsatsaMotly FoolRelickRoninRaccoonRussRy-Guy
Sunshine McDufftenken2007ThePawtWill KnavisonxXLittlexGurlXxY.Chang

Round 3: Inappropriate Casting
Twenty-four VAs returned to face the next challenge: the judges cast them in roles which were intended to be wrong for them. Participating in this round were:
Motly FoolRelickRoninRaccoonRussRy-GuySamHaft
SapphireShudoRanmaruSonicMegaWill KnavisonxXLittlexGurlXxY.Chang

Round 4: Characters
In this round, the fifteen remaining contestants were given three minutes to create three distinct characters. They could do three monologues, a monologue and a dialog, or a three-character scene.
Sam HaftShudoRanmaruSonicMegaWill Knavison

Round 5: Bad Fanfic
The final dozen will be reading bad fanfic found on the web:
MotlyFoolRussRy-GuySam HaftSonicMegaWill Knavison

Round 6: Audition Battle Royal
Eleven VAs are now asked to do what all actors dread - audition!
RussRy-GuySam HaftSonicMegaWill Knavison

Round 7: Russian Roulette
In which each contestant chooses their own character, and one unlucky contestant will effectively pull the trigger on themself.
RussRy-GuySam HaftSonicMegaWill Knavison

Round 8: Dubs
Eight contestants were paired and assigned various animation dubs. Featuring: Actorman, Darkwolf, Merodi, MotlyFool, Russ, Ry-Guy and SonicMega (Ellie did not submit).

Round 9: Cold Reads
This round was done live, over Skype. The actors were paired and given a script which they had to read cold. They were then given some direction and allowed to work for 30 minutes before coming back to perform again: Actorman, Darkwolf, Merodi, MotlyFool, Ry-Guy and SonicMega participated.

Round 10 (Semifinals): Commercials
Each contestant was assigned two commercials: one to last 15 seconds and one 30 seconds. Contestants are: Actorman, Darkwolf, Merodi, MotlyFool, and Ry-Guy.

The finale didn't actually come off, this season. The three finalists were Actorman, Darkwolf, and Ry-Guy, and each was to submit a monologue plus play a role in an epic original radioplay written by the judges; unfortunately, Actorman didn't submit at all, and Darkworlf didn't submit his monologue, so Ry-Guy was declared the winner by default.