Lone Star

Lone Star is the new Country music singing contest, hosted at Voice Hollywood.

The audition is simply to sing a verse and chorus from a country song, a capella

Round 1: Singer's Choice
Contestants could sing any country song. Participating were:

AlanaAlivienaAura JanuaryDylan CollinsDivine DragonEile-Monty

Round 2: 90's Country
Contestants could sing any country song from the 1990s. Participating were:

AlanaAlivienaAura JBreezySaysRelaxDylan CollinsDivine Dragon

Round 3: Rascal Flatts
Contestants covered a song by Rascal Flatts. Participating were:

AlanaAlivienaAura JDylan CollinsFadedPhantomJefferz

Round 4: Selected Artists
Contestants covered a song by one of: Brad Paisely, Tim McGraw, Reba, or Martina McBride. Participating were:

AlivienaDylan CollinsFadedPhantomJefferzKatsumiH

Round 5: Get Drunk and Be Somebody
Contestants sang a song about alcohol. Participating were:

AlivienaDylan CollinsFadedPhantomJefferz

Round 6: Duets
Contestants sang duets using pairs assigned by the judges. Participating were:

Dylan Collins/SharpCookies • Jefferz/FadedPhantom • Russ/Madi

Round 7: Judges Choice
Contestants sang songs chosen by the judges. Participating were:

Dylan Collins • FadedPhantom • Jefferz • Madi • Russ

Round 8: Achy Breaky Heart
Contestants sang songs about breaking up. Participating were:

Dylan Collins • FadedPhantom • Madi • Russ

Round 9; Finals!
Contestants each sang one traditional country song, one country rock, and one country pop. Participating were:

Dylan Collins • Madi • Russ