Act It! Season 3

In February of 2009, Dylan Collins and Kristy Plotkin (aka Tregatry) launched a new online voice acting competition. That competition is now in its third season, and is hosted at Voice Hollywood.

The audition period was only two weeks this time, but fifty-six voice actors submitted auditions; forty were accepted for the first round.

Round 1: Demo Reels
The contestants were given a script containing twenty-four lines and instructed to select ten to make a demo reel. This round featured:
DruoxtheShredderEile-Montyfadedphantom4getRegretGalythiaGavaroc FevinorHeavenIncarnateHumility
ImperialSkyeKat KorvusJim NickabockerKissy-senseiLextheArcherLordOfTheMorningMajinboo0111OMGAwkwardTurtle
PiFace314RachellularRussRy-GuySasuyaScott OkaSeraphim SwordmasterSharpCookies
SonicMegaTheNationMakerThe PawtValkyrie CelesWill KnavisonZain

Round 2: Musical Chairs
The contestants were challenged to audition for a number of characters created by the judges. After being cast in a role, a contestant could be switched to another, moving somebody else into their previous slot. The contestants were:
fadedphantomGalythiaGavaroc FevinorHeavenIncarnateKat KorvusLordOfTheMorningMajinboo0111
PiFace314RachellularRussRy-GuySasuyaSeraphim SwordmasterSharpCookies
SonicMegaTheNationMakerThe PawtValkyrie Celes

Round 3: Bad Fanfic
This week features readings of bad fanfic:
Gavaroc FevinorHeavenIncarnateLordOfTheMorningRachellularRussRy-GuySeraphim SwordmasterThe Pawt

Round 4: Three Characters in Three Minutes
The contestants have three minutes to create three characters, using any combination of monologues and scenes. In this round are:
ApatheriabaugusbrysonBreeCarnageEile-MontyfadedphantomGavaroc Fevinor
HeavenIncarnateLordOfTheMorningRachellularRussRy-GuySeraphim SwordmasterThe Pawt

Round 5: Original Scenes
The contestant were paired and assigned scripts written by the judges. In this round are:
Gavaroc FevinorLordOfTheMorningRachellularRussRy-GuyThe Pawt

Round 6: Psycho Killers
The contestants were assigned monologues of evil villains. In this round are:
ApatheriabaugusbrysonBreefadedphantomGavaroc Fevinor
LordOfTheMorningRachellularRussRy-GuyThe PawtValkyrie Celes

Round 7: 90s Cartoons
The contestants were paired and instructed to create scripts based on a 90s cartoon. In this round are:
ApatheriabaugusbrysonBreefadedphantomGavaroc Fevinor
RachellularRussRy-GuyThe PawtValkyrie Celes

Round 8: Youtube-based monologues
In this round are:
ApatheriabaugusbrysonfadedphantomGavaroc Fevinor
RachellularRy-GuyThe PawtValkyrie Celes

Round 9: Reciting the ABCs
In this round are:
ApatheriabaugusbrysonfadedphantomGavaroc Fevinor
RachellularRy-GuyThe Pawt

Round 10: Finale
fadedphantom • Gavaroc Fevinor • Rachellular • Ry-Guy