VH Awards 2010

Most kawaii (female), most kawaii (male), best VH suburb, Most epic up VH resident, Most epic down VH resident, Most epic left VH resident, Most epic right VH resident
Most epic up VH home, Funniest VH resident, VH Resident of the Year, Art Project of the Year, Written Work, Sexy Voice (male), Sexy Voice (female), Most Versatile Actor or Actress
Best WTF Production, Best Parody, Best Audio One-shot, Best Audio Production, Best Video Production, Best Video Short Clip, Best Actor in a Short Clip, Best Actress in a Short Clip, Least Manly Person with "man" in his Username
Male Vocalist, Female Vocalist, Musical Performance, Composer, Best Villain
Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Female Lead, Best Male Lead, Writer of the Year, Producer of the Year, Voice Actor of the Year and Production of the Year

Of course, if you're looking for a specific award or just want to reminisce, spoilers are also available.

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